Kindle Paperwhite is Currently $45 OFF At Amazon

You are lucky with today’s offers on Amazon Kindle devices if you set a New years resolution in Jan to read more and did not manage it. Some Amazon e-reader has been reduced in cost to help you read more, although these reductions are very limited.

The new Kindle PaperWhite is the slimmest and lightest edition to date and has been reduced by $45. It has an adjustable light integrated to help you read at night, and it’s simple to look at the glare-free screen. You can read it waterproof on the beach or in the bathroom. You can also connect to your audiobook headphones. The battery is longer than the original Kindle that can last for weeks and shown in higher resolution. Also, three months of Kindle Unlimited is available free of charge today so you can try out Amazon’s Book Subscription Service at no additional cost.

The Paper White base-specific has special offers on the lock screen that are tastefully built and secure, but you can use these versions without special offers and save $50 for them. Other models available including versions with additional storage and free cellular connectivity are also available at a discount of $50.

The latest Kindle from Amazon is designed at all times of the day to read the books. It even contains an adjustable light on the front so that you can read at night or in the dark. A glare-free display in 167ppi is designed to look and read like real paper so that while trying to read under light or in the sun, you don’t need to worry about glare or reflection. The passages, the words, the translation and more can be highlighted directly on the page. Furthermore, it is designed with a battery that can last for weeks as it is a tablet dedicated to books.

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