Keep Yourself Safe On Roads With Aukey 1080p HD Dash Cam, On Sale For $45

In case of an accident, the last thing you want is to be charged with a ticket for something which is not your fault. Without a dashcam, it’s often your word versus someone else, and you might find yourself in a world of hurt without proof. Not only is it smart but also affordable to add a dash cam to your car thanks to today’s sale of this Aukey’s 1080p Dash Cam. This normally takes $70, but during check-out in Amazon, it can be taken to $45.43 with the S8PI6FDP promo code.

Behind the mirror of your rearview, this low-profile dashcam is not going to block your view. The assembly process is also quick and easy. Stick it with the 3M dual-sided adhesive pads included and you’re good to go. Even at night, the camera captures 1080p footage with great clarity. It is powered by a cigarette lighter outlet for your car and the adapter is equipped with a USB port so that you can still load your phone with a dashcam.

The wide-angle lens of 170 degrees captures six lanes for every incident from beginning to end. The camera also has an automatic emergency recording mode that utilizes a built-in gravity sensor to capture incidents and prevent overwriting of the image.

Remember that the device doesn’t include a microSD card and before you start driving you will be sure to mount it. This SanDisk option should do the trick, and it is already discounted.

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