Go For This Discounted Stylus Pen For Your iPad Instead Of Overpriced Apple Pencil At $17

Right now, the KECOW Active Stylus Pen for iPad is being sold at Amazon for just $16.99. Without applying any special coupon code at the checkout, you save 15 percent directly.

This stylus pencil has a magnetic mesh end and a 1.45mm precise copper fine point tip. Both ends will make use of it. The mesh end also has a zoom feature and allows text input, which can be used smoothly and sensitively. This Stylus pen is slim and light, and it feels like a very conventional pen.

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Simply click the button once to draw, write, or take notes on your iPad/iPad Pro/iPad Mini/iPad Air/iPhone, Samsung, Smart Phone, Tablet, or other touch screen devices (Blue light on).

This iPad stylus pencil can be used to handwrite notes, sketch, or design on an electronic device. All work well on iPhone iPad Pro Smart-Phones Tablets and any capacitance touch screen! Artists, journalists, engineers, teachers and students, game players, and others would love this alternative to the Apple Pencil.

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Just 1-1.5 hours of charging time and 8-10 hours of usage time with the USB charging port and built-in battery. The pen’s intelligent power-saving feature turns off the power every 30 minutes to preserve battery life.

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