Kasa Smart WiFi Light Bulb Works With iPhone, Drops To $11 Today

With the Kasa KL110 Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb from TP-Link, you can make your home a little smarter for less than $15. This dimmable smart bulb has just dropped to Amazon’s $10.99, saving you over $6 off its average cost; it was selling for as much as $25 earlier this year.

This option does not require you to buy a separate hub or other equipment to get everything set up, unlike other smart bulbs. You can start using it easily as long as you have a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection at home. You will be able to control this bulb from anywhere in the world using the Kasa Smart app on your phone and schedule when you want it to turn off and on. You’re going to be able to check if you left the light on while you’re at work or turn it off while you’re bundled under your covers before going to sleep.

You can even start voice controlling the bulb with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant if you happen to have a device such as the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini at home.

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