Take This $23 Stylus Pen With Palm Rejection As An Alternative To Apple Pencil

For $22.94, you can get the JAMJAKE Stylus Pen With Palm Rejection from Amazon. Normally selling for $41.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly 45 percent on the original price.

This stylus is as easy to use as a regular pen and piece of paper and has a precise 1.2mm nib and lightweight pen body. It also includes user-friendly design features including palm rejection, tilt, and magnetic functions. Without gloves, you may naturally use your hands to draw and write on the screen, just as you would with a pencil and paper.

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When using the tilt function, the stylus pen is tilted at various angles, producing lines with various densities and depths—ideal for drawing! By facilitating storage and management, magnetic adsorption lessens stylus loss and scrolling. Simply touch the stylus’ top to turn it on or off, and you may start using it right away without having to set it. Nib with a screw-type for simpler replacement.

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A 1.2mm wear-resistant nib of the JamJake stylus pen allows for precise writing without lagging or skipping and without leaving any marks. This stylus has a three-color indication that flashes blue when the battery is low, red when it is charging, green when it is completely charged, and blue when it is working.

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