It’s Just $5 For AmazonBasics USB-C Car Charger For Smartphones & Tablets

AmazonBasics USB-C Car Charger with 18W USB-C Port -min

A powerful car charger is one of all the important drivers in their vehicles these days. A way to load your car will mean that you know where you go and get confused if you use your phone to navigate. Luckily if you haven’t, it won’t cost you too much to choose one, this AmazonBasics USB-C Car Charger will be priced at $5.34 in Amazon today and you can save $10 on the full price of it. This adapter is also the best price ever achieved.

The USB-C Car Charger of AmazonBasics is fitted with a USB-C and a USB port, allowing both devices to be connected at the same time. The USB-C port receives 18W power while the standard USB port charges a 12W charge. Protections include an automatic stop to prevent overload and vibration absorption to ensure consistent charging. It’s built-in just over 30 minutes to charge your battery to 80%, making it nearly four times quicker than standard chargers. Even if you already have a charger in your car, it is probably worth upgrading it, particularly at the price today.

Since its release, this USB-C Car Charger has received very positive feedback and has resulted in a 4.6 out of 5-star rating based on over 300 customer reviews from Amazon.

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