It’s Hard To Believe The Sound Quality Of Mpow M10 Wireless Earbuds That Costs Just $29!

Snapping a pair of truly wireless earbuds does not need to put a dent in the balance of your bank account. Right now, when you’re checking out the new Mpow M10 True Wireless Earbuds with promotional code LPBH358A, they are on sale at Amazon for only $29.99. This saves you 20 percent off all of their prices and represents the first deal on these earbuds we have ever seen.

In-ear headphones that can be used to hear music, audiobooks, podcasts and more are the Mpow M10, the true wireless earbuds. They are also good for hands-free calls as the two integrated microphones feature noise cancellation technology for filtering background noise. This helps your voice get through on the other side more clearly.

Same as the Apple AirPods, the touch controls feature these wireless earbuds allow you to switch songs or to respond to a call without pulling your phone out of your pocket. You can even activate the voice assistant of your phone so that if you need it, you can talk with Siri or Google Assistant.

The M10 earbuds also have a similar feature called “Smart Auto Pause.” As soon as you have removed an earbud, your music will be paused and played again once the earbud is inserted back in. Mono mode is also available, which allows you to listen in only one earpiece at a time. It is important to be aware that you can not activate the voice assistant of your phone in this mode.

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