iPhones Are Never Discounted But Its Rival Has Over $500 Off On Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has taken off its new Galaxy S20 series recently, not that much remains to be packed. Almost everything is to be known that leaked long before the big press conference in Samsung’s Unpacked, so not many surprises have existed. Indeed the price was quite a surprise of the entire event— In the USA, the cheapest Galaxy S20 is worth an amazing $1,000; prices rise to an extra $1,600 if you want a 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage Galaxy S20 Ultra5G. This smartphone is outstanding, but the price is totally crazy.

If you truly need a Galaxy S20, Amazon does have pre-order deals right now that make prices a lot more acceptable by throwing real wireless earbuds and a free DUO Pad wireless dual charger for free. Right here you can check the deals. That said, a huge sale is currently on another new smartphone from Samsung, and it makes the purchase of the Galaxy S20 seem crazy.

The Galaxy Note 9 is the latest and largest Galaxy Note phone in Samsung. Some may say that Note 9 will continue to be Samsungs best all-round smartphone even once the Galaxy S20 series comes out next week. Perhaps it doesn’t have a 100xzoom like Galaxy S20 Ultra, but it’s also sold for less than half of what is required to pick up the S20 Ultra right now in Amazon.

A high-end Galaxy Note 9 is available for $1,249.99 in full retail. Now you’ll find it on sale, however, with a massive 545 dollars discount which reduced the price to only 705 dollars. This powerful smartphone with state-of-the-art specs, a fantastic battery life-span, an excellent camera, and all the great S Pen features of Samsung, is a stealing element. In fact, the base model Note 9 with only 128 GB of storage is even smaller than you’ll pay for! This is a time deal, however, so take it or you may miss it.

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