iPhone XS: Best Battery Case To Check Out In 2019

iPhone Xs is intended for premium users. The smartphone is well-timed for extensive media play and hardcore gaming with a large 5.8-inch display and a highly efficient battery. Although the battery is fully equipped to meet the high demand, some iPhone users want the luxury of plenty of extra juice to make sure their run doesn’t end abruptly. And that’s why; I think many would be on the hit list for the top iPhone Xs Plus battery cases!

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Frankly speaking, I looked at a high-capacity battery case that could deliver lots of extra playtimes. It’s because I find a more user-friendly power battery case than a power bank. I am also impressed by the one that looks good enough to work as a stand-alone cover. In other words, killing two birds with just one stone is pretty much like that!

iPhone XS: Best Battery Case in 2019

Swaller 4000mAh iPhone XS Battery Case

swaller 4000 mah battery case

Battery cases generally share the same design; even with hundreds of different companies making it, there is hardly any noticeable change. This is where the battery case of Swaller distinguishes itself from others. It has a 4000mAh battery under its hood, yet it has been elegantly designed by the company.


The case features slightly raised bumpers when it comes to the protection that absorbs the impact of normal falls or bumps. In addition, the case edges are also slightly raised to protect the display and the camera. Lastly, three elegant colors are available.

JUBOTY 4000mAh Magnetic Slim iPhone XS Battery Case

jubloty 4000mAh Magnetic Slim

If you’re looking for an eye-catching colored battery case, don’t look any further. Look at the 4000mAh battery case from JUBOTY, which has two bright and solid options for color. In addition, the case allows you to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes without removing the case.


The case also has an integrated magnet that enables you to mount the iPhone on the mount of your car. The case has strong materials that can withstand small impacts and normal falls when it comes to protection. All in all, running on a tight budget for a battery case is a fair choice.

Lonlif iPhone XS 4000 mAh Battery Case

lonlif iphone xs battery case

Lonlif’s iPhone XS battery case features a 4000mAh battery, but it doesn’t look close to being bulky anywhere. It is easier to track the power balance with four LED indicators at the back. Furthermore, the power button can also be used to start/stop charging on the back.


The 360-degree raised bumper provides the iPhone XS with sufficient protection against normal bumps and falls. Finally, three variants of color are available: Black, Blue and Rose Gold.

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