iPhone Support Enabled DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope Camera Drops To $29 Again

Depstech WF010 Snake Camera Wireless Borescope is the kind of thing that you likely never heard about before. Once you have one, though, and you see how incredibly helpful it may be in so many ways, you will never be able to imagine that you are without one.

This small gadget has three main components in a nutshell. First, there is a small box with a battery and circuitry and Wi-Fi. After that, we have an 11.5-foot snake part, a semi-rigid tube which, whenever you want, can be extended and formed. Finally, at the end of the tube, there’s a camera capturing live video while you snap your device into something you want.

There is so much that you can hardly tell where to get started with this app, so let’s first explain what it does. The WF010 connects to your iPhone, iPad or Android device wirelessly and converts it to a remote viewfinder and control system. When your snake is something you can see exactly what you see in the camera and also use your phone to capture still photos or videos.

Right now it is also on sale at its lowest price in the year, if you click on the 20 percent coupon — just 28.79 dollars.

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