iPhone: Save Up To 40% On Anker Charging Accessories With This One Day Amazon Sale

At Amazon, Anker’s famous a well-rated charging accessories have a one-day sale, with prices down by 40 percent as stocks last! This sale offers a variety of products from charging cables, portable power banks to wall chargers, wireless charging stands, and USB car chargers to power you anywhere.

For anyone wanting some extra juice on the go, the Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 is an excellent selection. It is just 19.99 dollars, a 33% saving, and in 1 dollar we’ve seen the best price we have ever had. It is very lightweight so you will not add a tone of bulk and double as a double USB wall charger to your regular bag. If you want additional batteries, you can also buy a 26800mAh PowerCore battery pack with three USB ports for simultaneously powering a bunch of devices.

If your smartphone has Qi-enabled, you would like to make a wireless charger or two from today’s sale. The PowerWave 10 Stand is a perfect $29.99 buy, which is the best down to date direct price. It also has two USB ports on your desk or nightstand, in addition to being a 10W charging stand. The cheapest wireless charger on the market is the $12.99 PowerWave Pad.

With the Anker PowerDrive III Duo Car Charger that is 26 percent off, you can also power your phone up in the car. It offers two USB-C ports and a total output of 36W for all quick charging requirements.

There are a lot of additional charging products sold like power strips, USB-C and lightning cables, wall chargers and more to check out Amazon’s entire sale while you still have the chance.

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