Getting An iPhone Flash Drive Has Become Cheaper & Cheaper These Days!

The Phicool 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for iPhone is being offered by Amazon for $15.66 with coupon code LLK2DFJZ at the checkout.

Are you worried about having too many USB flash drives for various devices? PHICOOL Photo Stick can satisfy nearly all of your requirements! PHICOOL iPhone flash drive Perfectly equipped for wide compatibility with port, micro USB port, USB C port, and Type-C port, it moves files seamlessly to iPhone, iPad, Android Type-C, MacBook, and Windows computers.

Spacious iPhone flash drive adds 128 GB outside the store to your device, free to store 7,200 photos+ 320 minutes video or 8,000 songs+ 32 GB office files. USB stick for iPhone can share photos and videos directly with others.

Quickly Charge Two iPhone or iPad At The Same Time With This Cheap UGREEN USB C Charger

Does the iPhone Storage Photo Stick keep data secure or safe? Photo stick for iPhone flash drive supports Touch ID/password encryption that protects your data securely on “LUV-Share” (iPhone Flash Drives). You can click Touch ID and Password Settings to secure all your storage files on USB Flash Drives for iPhone, or Lock selected files with your password.

Bored when there’s no internet connection? Annoyed when you’re out of storage on your iPhone? You can watch the movie directly on the 128 GB flash drive. You can also share your photos on social media (Facebook, ins, Twitter, YouTube, etc) directly from your USB storage when you take nice photos on your trip.

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