iPhone 11 is Shipping Tomorrow, Protect It With $4 Branded Case

The last thing you want as one of the first owners of Apple’s latest device is for those who have previously ordered the latest iPhone 11, to drop it and become one of the first iPhone 11 users to be busted. Fortunately, smartphone case manufacturers have been working hard in recent months to prepare new iPhone cases, and at Amazon, you can get your hands on tons of them.

The Mkeke Clear TPU iPhone 11 Case is one case worthy of your time. Whether you like its style or not, when you enter promo code TPH7FTQ4 during checkout, this case drops by 50 percent to just $3.99; it is difficult to beat such a low price to protect such a significant investment. You may be worried about finding a case later with a fancy design or an integrated wallet, and it would be wise until then not to get your phone around without a case.

This flexible TPU case can only be used on the iPhone 11 device of Apple and offers accurate cutouts for device volume buttons, side buttons and curve to fit the device. The case protects your device from sudden drops and scratches, and as it’s transparent, you can still see the magnificent color of the smartphone you chose. Mkekeke includes a one-year guarantee.

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