iPad 8: What’s New?


Apple introduces the eighth-generation iPad with a huge jump in performance. The most popular iPad comes with the A12 Bionic Neural Engine provides an even stronger experience.

From $329, the upgrade packages add value to the most popular, cheapest iPad with an impressive 10.2-inch Retina display, state-of-the-art cameras, and superb battery life all day.

iPad 8: What's New? 1

“We’re excited to offer customers an even faster and more powerful experience with the eighth-generation iPad,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “With its beautiful 10.2-inch Retina display, the performance boost from the A12 Bionic, great cameras, and so much more, the new iPad is an incredible value at a time when, more than ever, our customers need powerful and versatile ways to work, play, learn, and connect with loved ones.”

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The A12 Bionic chip is the eighth-generation iPad with a huge performance gap, with 40 percent faster CPU performances and two-time graphics capability, which means that the new iPad is up to twice as fast as the Windows laptop, three times as quick as the top-selling Android tablet, and up to six times faster than the Chromebook top-seller.

iPad 8: What's New? 2

The new iPad is also perfect for drawing, printing notes, marking documents, and more with A12Bionic, iPadOS power, and Apple Pencil (1st-generation). The slim and light design of the iPad makes it portable and durable with ultra-hight wireless performance, supports gigabit-class LTE connectivity, and the entire life of the battery. With Touch ID it is easy and secure to unlock an iPad with a finger to maintain important information safe caution and motion tracking with AR apps, improved photo editing, Siri performance, etc.

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iPadOS 14 brings new features to the iPad, its large Multi-Touch display, and versatile accessories, using the unique capabilities of the iPad. iPadOS 14 integrates Apple Pencil into the iPad experience to improve the ability to write notes and work in a new manner. When you note your iPad, the Smart Selection system uses handwriting on your device to differentiate between drawings, so you can select, cut and paste hand-written texts into another document with the same familiar gestures as typewritten text. The form recognition allows users, when adding diagrams and images in notes, to draw shapes that are geometrically perfect and snap straightaway. Hand-written text, phone numbers, dates, addresses, links, and data detectors work seamlessly, making it easy for users to take actions such as touching a handwritten number in order to make a call.

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iPadOS 14 can provide Scribble to iPad, allowing Apple Pencil users to handwrite in any text field directly, performing actions such as fast and easy iMessages response or searching in Safari-all without Apple Pencil ever removing it. Scribble uses a device-based machine, which learns to convert handwriting in the in-store text in real-time.

iPadOS 14 further distinguishes and strengthens the iPad experience, including:

  • New compact designs to help users stay focussed on the job, including FaceTime and phone calls, Siri interactions, and search.
  • Universal search, from find and launch applications to access contacts, files, and data, to get answers to common people or places questions.
  • New sidebars for many applications such as photos and files and streamlined toolbars, which can be used to consolidate controls into one place.
  • Wonders that present information on time right at a glance on the home screen is beautifully redesigned.

The new eighth-generation iPad has been designed to make Apple’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2030 environmentally-friendly. On its core logic board, the iPad uses a 100% recycled alumina and 100% solder recycled tin, is free of harmful substances, is highly energy-efficient, and uses for recycled or managed wood fiber forests.

With Apple Pencil support, the highest quality, the latest displays, and daily life of the battery, whether customers prioritize portability, power, or price, an iPad is available to all.

iPad 8: What's New? 4

Starting today in more than 25 countries and regions, including the USA, iPad 8 is available for ordering. The iPad comes in silver, space gray, and gold finishes in 32 GB and 128 GB format from Friday 18 September, for a starting cost of $329 (US) for the Wi-Fi model and $459(US) for the Wi-fi + cellular model.

Apple Pencil is compatible with the iPad (8th Generation) at $99 (US) and is available for separate purchase (1st generation).

Smart Keyboard for iPad is available for separate purchase at $159 (US), including simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, and has a layout of over 30 languages.

Smart iPad covers are available in black, white, and 3 new seasonal colors, including deep marine, green and rosé citrus for $49 (US).

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