INSE I5 2-in-1 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner With 4.8 Stars Rating is 35 Percent Off At Amazon, Usually $70

Did the family come in for the holidays? It’s time to clean the floors Take the corded stick vacuum cleaner INSE I5 2-in-1 and make sure you clip the 35 percent off on-page coupon to bring the total down to $45.49. The vacuum cleaner sells for $70 out of the coupon. This is a new Amazon product that has been around for less than a month and has never fallen directly before in price

Various surfaces around the house can be cleaned including hard floors, carpets, rugs in the room, and more. Remove all the particles that are stuck on like dust, pet hair, and more. A 600W engine with an 18 kPa suction and a multi-cyclone filter system that spins the dust away from the motor. You not only remove every last bit of dirt, but keep it away from the motor, prolong its life and overall durability

This is a 2-in-1 vacuum because it can quickly be converted to a handheld vacuum. Use the tiny, compact vacuum to reach all the places that are difficult to reach. The main body is lighter and you can clean things like stairs, cracks on the sofa, inside the cars and more using three separate attachments. The accessories include a narrow space Long Crevice, a fabric Suction Nozzle, and curtains and cars2-in-1 brush.

The dirt bin can hold up to one liter, and the simple one-touch release button makes emptying quick. There’s nothing worse than spending an afternoon cleaning just to end up with all the dirt you’ve picked up from a tricky dust bin back on the ground.

The cord on the vacuum will reach up to 20 feet, but it quickly wraps on the machine to make it easy to store the whole thing when you’re finished. A washable structural cylinder filter and a sponge filter are installed for the system to prevent blockages.

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