Fast Charge Your iPhone With 15W Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charging Stand, $29 Only (2 Pack)

The INIU [2 Pack] 15W Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charging Stand is being sold today at Amazon for just $28.99. Normally selling for $34.99, clip the on-page coupon to save $6 on the original price.

Without ever cutting power, the twin SuperConductivity coils allow you to watch videos in a landscape orientation or stand in portrait mode for Facetime calls and facial recognition. The next-generation 15W fast charging, which is roughly three times faster than regular wireless charging, saves you at least 45 minutes of waiting time.

This Discounted 3 in 1 Aluminum Charging Station Is Perfect For Your Apple Device, 43% OFF!

A smart adaptable LED indicator brightens throughout the day and dims at night. As a result, you’ll keep informed without having to deal with distracting light. It replaces the usual loud cooling fan with the cutting-edge NTC Temp°Guard, which intelligently and softly adjusts the temperature in real-time to safeguard your phone battery from overheating and damage.

Fast Charge Your iPhone & iPad On The Car With $13 AINOPE 48W Super Fast Mini Charger

LG’s 15W Fast Charge, Samsung’s 10W Fast Charge, iPhone’s 7.5W Fast Charge, and other Qi-enabled devices’ 5W Standard Charge. The first-ever smart auto-adaptive indicator on a wireless charger, which is bright during the day for visible indication and muted at night for sleep-friendly charging.

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