Take This 360° Strong Protection Case Sleeve For Your 16-inch MacBook, On Sale For $25

The Inateck 16 Inch Case Sleeve 360° is on sale right now at Amazon for $25.49. Previously sold for $29.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly 15 percent on the original price.

Inateck-bag provides a fantastic commuting, travel, entertainment, and photographic experience. Each bag has been thoughtfully designed to make your vacation more comfortable, enjoyable, and secure. Inateck is a firm believer in the importance of experience.

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A charger, mouse, power bank, and USB cable, for example, can be stored in the extra accessory bag. The sleeve contains the accessories bag. The device is designed to be light in weight and portable. Flat goods, such as a notebook or an iPad, can be stored in the front pocket. With the front pocket and accessory bag, you may easily manage various goods.

Baseus 65W 20000mAh Power Bank Specially Designed For MacBook, $40 Only (Save $20)

To protect your laptop from scratches, the interior is lined with plush flannelette. Splash-resistant polyester is used on the outside. The case is sewn with 5 layers to provide all-around protection for your laptop. The main bag is fastened with a high-quality dual zipper that ensures a smooth and easy opening.

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