iClever’s Wireless Keyboard Works With iPhone, iPad & Mac, Drops To $23 Only

Amazon sells the iClever Bluetooth keyboard for $23.09. To save 5 percent off the value, click the on-page coupon and then use code 257TM8A2 to save a piece. Recently, the keyboard has been selling for about $33, so you get $10 off. Never did it drop that low directly. Hence, the lowest we saw if there was not good code in the past. Sadly, the code only works on the black and not the white version.

It’s a full-sized keyboard with a Numpad. It also features extras like media keys, cut, copy, paste, etc. For best-in-class durability, the iClever keyboard is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic. The model has feet on the bottom to keep it at an ideal slope so that after a long typing session you don’t feel it in your wrists. The keys and fabric have a matte finish that is also spill-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your morning coffee accidentally. Its sleek profile and minimal design will help free your workspace.

This uses Bluetooth 5.1, one of the most common specifications for Bluetooth at present. It ensures that you will have a very solid connection with low latency and no interference to your devices It is powerful enough to link up to three devices simultaneously. Switch between seamlessly. When you resume your typing session, you automatically connect to the last connected device, and the keyboard automatically recognizes the connected system and maps the keys.

The keyboard battery is rechargeable and designed to last up to 90 hours of continuous typing before recharging. There are some power-saving measures to help the battery last longer. For example, after 30 minutes of inactivity, it automatically sleeps.

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