iClever’s Smartphone Wireless Car Charger Down To $30 For A Limited Time

Amazon now offers the excellent iClever Wireless Car Charge Mount with an integrated automatic clamp for only $30 only.

Not only can you keep your smartphone safe in your car or van, but this product also ensures that the integrated coils mounts enable it to be charged wirelessly at the same time. You can keep your device safe and secure, and you have a built-in version with an adjustable angle to change your smartphone’s position to suit your own requirements.

If your device is clamped in a safe and secure position, the hardware is charged via wireless – if, of course, the mount is connected! It will charge up to 10W for Qi-enabled smartphones to support this fast charge level. For those that do not, 7.5W charging will be available and then the standard charge rates for other devices will be reduced. This means that your precious smartphone is charged as fast as its capacity permits.

In addition, a good little feature is an integrated infrared sensor that detects when you are mounting the device and automatically open the clamps so that you can ensure a completely secure fit. It is definitely a well-conceived product which makes the best use of the fact that it is a clamp which takes power from the car.

You must make sure that your smartphone is secure and charged but that you do not break any rules by communicating with your appliance if you are the type of person who is continually clocking miles on the road.

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