iClever Wireless Car Charger For Smartphone Hits All New Price Of $18, Normally $40

iClever Wireless Car Charger-min

At this time, when you enter a special discount code BQ9RZED2 during the checkout process, Amazon is selling its iClever Wireless Car Charger for only $17.99. This in-car charger would usually sell for about $40, which would save more than half of it. And you just have to remember to enter a simple code.

This wireless charger will also charge your phone super fast. Wireless power is suitable for Android phones with up to 10W while iPhones are up to 7.5W. These are the same numbers as all wireless chargers, including those connected to your AC outlet.

Thanks to the included adapter, you will be connected to your car’s 12V outlet. Without hammering your battery life, as usual, Waze, Google Maps, or even Spotify can do their thing. Everything through a car charger, which keeps your mobile phone safe and secure.

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