MacBook Accessories: Get This Discounted iClever GK08 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Today For $29

iClever GK08 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

iClever via Amazon is offering the GK08 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse today for $29.03(previously sold for $32.99). With today’s special offer, you save 12 percent on these MacBook accessories.

This wireless keyboard and mouse provide the required wireless range as well as excellent connectivity. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS; simply plug one lightweight, convenient USB receiver into your monitor, which automatically connects both the keyboard and mouse, eliminating the need for two separate receivers! You can use the mouse up to 33 feet away because the link is stable and there is no lag time.

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With this wireless keyboard, you can forget about having to change batteries because it has a lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 90 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Both the mouse and keyboard can go into standby mode when not in use to conserve energy. To wake them up, simply click the mouse or press any key on the wireless keyboard.

People who value precision typing will appreciate the highly sensitive scissor switches in this wireless keyboard. It types softly, and the improved button stability reduces tip noise and improves accuracy. On this wireless keyboard and mouse, you can feel every keystroke, but you don’t have to hear it! The bottom of the keyboard is equipped with anti-slide pads to keep it in place when typing quickly.

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Never again would your portable wireless keyboard go dead without warning! When the battery is low, LED indicators on the keyboard warn you so you can recharge it. When not in use, you can also store the wireless USB receiver in the dedicated slot of either the mouse or the keyboard to prevent losing it. Maintain consistency with DPI adjustments on the mouse for the smoothest, most precise tracking and scrolling.

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This wireless keyboard has a complete keyboard layout for all types of typing. Its slim profile and lightweight allowing it to take up little space on your desk. The keyboard has a foot that keeps it at an optimal slope, preventing wrist pain during long periods of typing. It will look elegant and appealing at your desk because it is finished in stylish matte silver. The keys are spill-resistant, so your white keyboard would be protected from any coffee spills.

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