iClever Bluetooth Keyboard Connects To iOS Devices, Now Costs $21 Only

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single keyboard with all the different devices we type these days that will help you control them all, rather than dealing with all the on-screen keyboards that make it difficult to spell out your own email address? Use iClever’s Universal Bluetooth Keyboard to become a more efficient typist on any Bluetooth device. It is compatible with everything from iOS and Android phones and tablets to Windows and Mac computers, smart TVs, and more, and today you can pick one at Amazon’s 30 percent discount when entering 4SGL2GHM promo code during checkout. That saves you $9 off its usual $30 cost and makes this keyboard one of the best prices it’s ever reached before.

This versatile Bluetooth keyboard is compact and can be used with tons of devices, from phones to tablets, computers, smart TVs, and more as long as they are enabled by Bluetooth. It can even connect to three devices simultaneously and switch between them quickly. It is built with a long-lasting aluminum-alloy body and premium ABS keycaps that can withstand 5,000,000 presses, while its internal rechargeable battery can keep it powered on a single charge for 70 hours. There is also an integrated device holder that helps to keep your phone or tablet in front of you while typing.

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