Go For This Discounted Keyboard For Your iMac At $26 (Save 29 Percent)

Amazon is offering the iClever BK10 Bluetooth Keyboard for $26.39. Without entering any unique promo codes at the checkout, you can get this price. With the current promotion, you could instantly save $10.60 off the asking price.

The iClever Bluetooth keyboard was designed to lessen wrist pain when typing for extended periods of time. It is made of premium stainless steel and ABS, and its feet keep it at the proper slope. It looks good because of its sophisticated black color scheme. Your Bluetooth keyboard is shielded from errant coffee spills and greasy fingers by the key arrangement, fabric, and matte finish.

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The built-in Bluetooth 5.1 technology allows the Bluetooth keyboard to roam between up to three devices with ease while partnering with them, freeing up space on your desktop. It is the ideal choice for iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, Laptop, PC, Tablets, Smartphones, Windows, IOS, and Mac OS because it automatically recognizes the system of your device and maps keys, automatically connects your previously connected devices on your next session of typing and supports all major operating systems.

The Bluetooth keyboard’s incredibly durable rechargeable battery can power up to 90 hours of nonstop typing on a single charge. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the keyboard automatically shuts down as part of an energy-saving feature for the environment. You won’t miss a key when typing hours of emails or blogs because of the wireless keyboard’s svelte design and satisfyingly sensitive scissor switch for quick and accurate typing. The outstanding tactile feel and enough key travel of the low-profile keys provide your fingertips with a whole new level of comfort. You’ll have the best typing experience ever thanks to the back’s shock- and skid-resistant padding.

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Because it has a full-size design with a numeric keypad, the iClever wireless keyboard is easier and more pleasant to use than other keyboards. The usual layout and mute, play/pause, rewind, and forward hotkeys help you to work more efficiently and productively. Due to its modest size, the wireless keyboard may be conveniently slipped into a laptop bag or the side pocket of a backpack (14×4.9×0.15 in).

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