iClever 12W Solar USB Charger 8000mah Smartphone Power Bank Currently $24 Only

It may not be too much to consider charging stuff while you’re out and about, but once we’ll be allowed back out again. If this happens, you may need to get something to load you can do more easily. And what could be used better than the power of the sun?

Right now, when you enter a special discount code 40ICSOLAR during check-out, Amazon is selling the iClever 12W Solar USB Charger for only $23.99.

This thing charges almost everything with its built-in battery via its USB-A port. Just place the charger in direct sunlight and charge the internal battery automatically, until it is complete. You don’t have to worry about getting wet either – all this is water-resistant, so there are no worries if the rain sprinkles during charging.

This charger contains nearly 60 reviews and the average score is 4.3 stars on Amazon at the time of writing.

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