Score This 1400mAh Power Bank For Your Apple Watch At $16

The HUOTO 1400mAh Apple Watch Power Bank is available for $15.74 on Amazon. Due to recent price decreases, you can immediately save 25% off the original price by clipping the on-page coupon.

Due to an integrated 1400mAh battery and the most modern magnetic adsorption module, which charges quickly upon contact, your Apple Watch has a longer battery life. The iWatch charger charges the watch at the same time as the original charger. A stylish and relatively portable accessory is the Apple Watch adaptor. It can be carried around effortlessly in a pocket or rucksack.

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The magnetic charger can always be recharged by connecting it to your computer, a portable power source, or any other USB charging device thanks to its Type C charging and USB adapter! It is possible to charge the power source both ways! Since no additional charging wires are needed, there is no need to worry about tangled cables. You can transfer it more conveniently and don’t have to worry about a tangled charging cable thanks to its wireless design.

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It is perfect for excursions or travel because it includes a keychain, a small, compact form that is simple to put into your pocket or backpack, and a large-capacity power bank. You can charge your watch whenever you choose, wherever you are while traveling, or even while wearing it outside, all thanks to the magnetic charging module, which takes the place of a big base or a long charging cable.

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