How To Change App Icons on iPhone with this simple trick

Just a launch of iOS 14, there are many more features shared in social media by customizing the Homescreen widgets, Shorcuts, App icons, lock screen, and more.

So we have covered some tips to change the app icons on the Home screen in iOS 14 using the Shortcuts app.

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It’s so much exciting, Apple has added a lot of things to make iOS users happier and satisfied. Personally, I am now satisfied with iOS 14 features.

How to Change App iCons on iPhone with Shortcuts App in iOS 14 Homescreen 

Changing App Icons on iPhone Homescreen is simple just by using the Shortcuts app. This feature is compatible with iOS 12 and above.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app.
  2. Tap on the plus button from the top right and then Add Action
  3. Next, tap on Add Action.

4. Select on Scripting → Open App. You can also search for ‘Open App.‘

5. Now, tap on Choose and tap on the desired app you want to wish to change the Home screen icon. Here we selected the AppStore.You can choose any of the apps you want to change.

6. Now, tap on the three dots icon from the top right. Then Tap on it Add to Home Screen.

7. Tap on the shortcut icon and choose one of the three options – Choose File, Choose Photo, Take Photo. Now, choose and tap on the desired image you want to use.

8. You can Rename the shortcut you want.

9. Now finally, tap on Add To Homescreen from the top right. Tap on Done to finish.

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After adding the app icons of any app, you need to hide the original one from the home screen into the App Library. For his, long press on the app icon into Jiggle mode > Remove AppRemove from Home Screen.

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