HORI Switch Fighting Stick Mini Controller For PC & Nintendo Switch At $44 On Amazon

The HORI Switch Fighting Stick Mini Controller for PC and Nintendo Switch is on sale at Amazon for $43.99. Today’s bargain, which normally costs $50, saves $6 and represents the third discount in the same time period and the lowest price we’ve seen since August 2021. The price for this controller is at its lowest point in years today, just $2.30 above the record low set back in August 2021. If you’re a fan of fighting or arcade games, you need this controller. This controller is a must-have regardless of whether Street Fighter is your favorite game or not. Both Nintendo Switch and your gaming PC are compatible with it, and it has a traditional button layout. You may take this controller to a friend’s place because it is small, light, and portable. The home, capture, and volume control buttons also make it simple for you to access other game or console features while you’re playing.

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Product Highlights:

Compatible with Arcade and Fighting Games.

Compact, lightweight, and portable.

Classic Button Layout.

Home, Capture, and Volume Control Buttons.

Officially Licensed by Nintendo.

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