Hold Your iPhone Tightly In Car With $4 Aukey Phone Holder

You already know that you ought to pay much more attention to your car than to your mobile. Make it easier on your own and just go hands-free on sale with Aukey’s smartphone car mount for $4 PIKUX6MY code. The mount sells for $10 without the code, which is right around its regular street price. We’ve never seen it go directly below $7, so if you ever wanted it on sale you’d need such a code.

The mount uses a strong suction cup to stick to your windshield, dashboard, or other similar surfaces easily and securely. Heck, if you want, you can also use this on your desk or nightstand. In addition, for durability and sticking power, the suction mount is reinforced. Do you need to remount it when you switch cars or something? Re-use is easy. Just rinse and reattach the suction cup.

One of the tricky parts of using such amount is placing it in the right way. If you move around or have multiple people on the same mount using their phones, that’s even worse. Aukey’s mount uses a 360-degree rotating ball joint so that from any position you can find the perfect viewing angle.

Any smartphone with a screen size between 4 and 6.5 inches will work with the mount. That’s the size with which the cradle of the phone can work and should cover most smartphones, including newer ones such as the iPhone 11 or Pixel 4.

Aukey always provides a 2-year warranty to back up its gear. Based on 212 reviews, users give it 4.1 stars out of 5.

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