This iOS Compatible Smartwatch Comes With So Many Great Features At Just $30 ($6 OFF)

Amazon is currently offering the HAFURY Activity Fitness Smart Watch today for $30.59. Without applying any special coupon code at the checkout, you save 17 percent directly on this smartwatch.

This smartwatch is compatible with iPhones running iOS 8.0 or later and Android phones running Android 4.4 or later. You can read Calling, WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat, SMS, App, Alarm, Target Reaching, Calendar, Binding, and hang up incoming call notifications. The soft and easy-to-dirty band ensures your comfort.

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The HAFURY smartwatches will automatically monitor your heart rate, sleep, steps, distance, and active time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to fine-tune your workout intensity and keep a more precise track of your burned calories and sleep quality.

It offers daily health research and progress reference data for running, treadmill, fitness, riding, climbing, yoga, walking, hiking, spinning, and stepping. It has a wide 1.3-inch TFT-LCD screen with high sensitivity that makes it simple to use.

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Our fitness watch is waterproof to IP68, so you can wear it while swimming, washing your hands, or even when it’s raining. The smartwatch will last for at least 10 days after being completely charged. With a full touch screen, 3-level adjustable brightness, and four separate watch faces, this watch is not only simple to use but also offers a consistent display.

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Music controller, Bluetooth5.0, stopwatch, timer, reset feature, firmware information, Restart, Shut down, and some movements, such as lifting the wrist, are all supported by this Bluetooth watch.

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