Grab Two Pack Of Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart Light For $99 Only (SAVE $60)

At Amazon, you can currently seize the opportunity to acquire the Philips Hue Play Bar starter kit for just $99, and they’re even offering free shipping. This promotion translates to a substantial discount from the usual $130 price tag, amounting to savings of 24%. It’s worth highlighting that this deal not only matches our prior mention from May but also stands as the best price observed this year.

The Philips Hue Play lights included in this kit serve as an excellent choice for introducing bias lighting into various areas of your living space, whether it’s your home theater, desk, or shelving units. Each of the light bars in this bundle is accompanied by an adhesive 3M mount that conveniently doubles as a stand. This means you have the flexibility to either affix them directly to the back of your TV or position them on a console, beside your monitor, or anywhere else in your home office. I personally use several of these to illuminate a bookshelf, adding a captivating glow to my collectibles. For further insights, continue reading below.

In case you’re exploring alternative ways to elevate your home theater setup, consider the Philips Hue Gradient lamps available in two different versions. Both of these variants offer enhanced addressable RGB lighting and are currently enjoying discounted prices starting from $137. This presents a remarkable opportunity to secure these lamps at their lowest prices this year, particularly when compared to their usual price points of $200 or even higher.

For those keen on expanding the smart capabilities of their outdoor spaces to fully relish fall patio gatherings, you’ll be pleased to know that the ongoing Philips Hue outdoor lighting sale on Amazon is still active. This sale features markdowns across a range of products, spanning from pathway lamps to light fixtures and more. With prices commencing at $104, it’s a fantastic chance to enhance your outdoor ambiance with smart lighting.

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