Grab Tile Pro 2-Pack (Black/White) A Great AirTag Alternative For $48

Amazon is selling the Tile Pro 2-Pack (Black/White), an advanced Bluetooth tracker for keys, bags, and other essentials. This powerful tracking set costs $48, down from $60, and has a 400-foot range. The Tile Pro is water-resistant and suitable for many environments.

The Tile Pro’s sleek design makes it easy to attach to keys, bags, and luggage. The free Tile app lets you quickly find items within Bluetooth range by ringing it. This feature makes even the most lost items easy to find.

The Tile app displays the Tile’s last known location on a map for items out of Bluetooth range. This gives you peace of mind and reduces the stress of losing valuables by tracking them even when you’re not nearby.

Tile Pro’s phone-finding feature is notable. Even if your phone is silent, double-pressing your Tile button will ring it. This is useful for finding lost phones around the house or office.

The Tile Network enhances security and convenience. You can use the network’s anonymous help to find your lost Tile. Add your contact information so anyone who scans your lost Tile’s QR code can reach you, speeding up the return.

The Tile Pro works with iOS and Android devices and smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri, making it versatile. Regardless of device, the seamless integration lets you track your items.

The Tile Pro’s IP67 water resistance and 400-foot Bluetooth range are impressive. A year of use without maintenance is provided by the replaceable battery. Tile Pro trackers are tough and reliable due to their durability.

Upgrade to a Premium Plan for proactive Smart Alert notifications if you leave something behind. Item Reimbursement adds security by paying you if Tile can’t find your item.

The Tile Pro works best on mobile devices but can be used on desktops and laptops. Tile partners with HP and Lenovo to offer devices with built-in Tile finding power, making them more convenient.

The Tile Pro 2-Pack is a powerful, affordable way to track your belongings. For anyone who loses important items, its advanced features, wide compatibility, and user-friendly app are invaluable.

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