Grab This MacBook Stand For Less Than $11

the deal has expired!

Amazon sells the AmazonBasics Portable MacBook Stand for $10.75. In comparison, it usually costs $16. This is an all-time low new Amazon. With a portable design, this model supports up to 16-inch MacBooks with an 18-degree incline and a 2.95-inch lift. Everything folds beautifully so you can throw it quickly in your backpack wherever you go. Perfect to set up a coffee shop or while traveling, bringing your mobile setup more ergonomic approach. Best of everything? It’s aluminum construction fits into Apple’s own styling. 4/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

√ Foldable stand for laptops up to 15 inches with an 18-degree tilt and 2.95-inch lift

√ Made of durable, lightweight aluminum with non-slip rubber surface pads to keep the laptop in place

√ Folding mechanism that tucks kickstand underneath for flat storage or transport

√ Allows extra air circulation to help ventilate and cool your laptop’s electronic components

√ Use at home, the office, the coffee shop, or wherever work takes you

√ Rubber footing to prevent slippage and scratch damage to tables or desks

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