Grab Most Sold 5000mAh Wireless Magnetic Power Bank For Your iPhone At $20 Only

Amazon is discounting the MagSafe Portable Charger, a 5000mAh Wireless Magnetic Power Bank, to $20 from $60. This stylish and versatile charger is perfect for iPhone users, especially the latest models. The 67% discount makes it appealing to mobile users who want reliable power on the go.

This MagSafe portable charger’s 10N magnetic suction is impressive. This feature is designed for iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max, 14 Pro/Pro Max, 13 Pro/Pro Max, and 12 Pro/Pro Max. For uninterrupted charging while gaming, talking, or taking photos, the strong magnetic attachment keeps the charger securely attached to your phone.

Another benefit of this power bank is wireless charging. It eliminates bulky data cables for easy charging. This feature works with iPhone 8, X, Xs, Xr, 11, and newer models, as well as Samsung Galaxy and other wireless charging Android phones. The wireless magnet function only works with MagSafe cases.

The MagSafe portable charger can charge multiple devices at once with its 5000mAh capacity. It has USB C and USB A ports to charge three devices simultaneously. It is ideal for users who need to power their phones, tablets, and other devices all day. It also lets you share charging capacity with friends and family, making it useful for group travel.

The MagSafe portable charger is thin (0.56 inches) and light (4.3 ounces). Though slightly larger than a bank card, it won’t block your phone’s camera when attached. It fits in your pocket or bag without adding bulk, making it a great travel companion.

Safety is paramount with this portable charger. It has premium chips and a robust safety system that prevents overcharge, overcurrent, over-discharge, overvoltage, and short circuits. These safety features have been thoroughly tested, ensuring the charger’s safe use. It also meets airline safety standards, so you can fly with it.

Amazon has a 67% discount, lowering the price from $60 to $20. This makes it a great deal for a high-quality, multi-functional portable charger. This price is unbeatable for wireless charging, magnetic attachment, and multi-device support.

In conclusion, the Amazon MagSafe Portable Charger is a versatile and reliable power bank for smartphone users. Its powerful magnetic suction, wireless charging, and multi-device support make it a must-have accessory, especially at the discounted price. Its slim, lightweight design and extensive safety features make it ideal for on-the-go charging.

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