Grab iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case For Just $2 Only

Is your new iPhone 11 Pro Max still here? It’s time to order a new case for it, whether or not it’s already in your hands! Today, when entering NOJR6QKX promo code during checkout, you can snatch Mkekeke’s Clear iPhone 11 Pro Max Case for just $1.99 at Amazon. That saves you $6 off its usual cost, lowering this case than most iPhone 11 cases ever get.

You may not care about this case’s style, but it certainly beats leaving your phone unprotected. Since the case is slim and transparent, you’re not going to carry around an unsightly or bulky case that ruins your new device’s look, and that’s a lot to ask from a case you’re paying just $2 for. The best part is, you can get rid of this one once you find a case you like, considering the $2 well spent.

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