Grab Four Pack Of Teckin Smart Plug With USB Ports For $7 Each

Let’s not go for 2020 as long as we live as 1999. There is no reason to stay away with the affordability of smart home products these days. This 4-pack of Teckin Smart Plugs, for example, is regularly sold around $40, and its price falls even lower today when you clip the coupon on Amazon’s product page. You will snag the set at just $28.69 at a better price than they have ever had without a coupon. It’s like scoring for just $7.17 a piece each, and they’re shipping for free too.

You can add smart plugs to your smart home ecosystem by adding lights, appliances and more products you already own. Say you have a voice-activated lamp that you wish. Just plug it into one of the smart plugs and ask Alexa or Google Assistant whenever you want your lamp to be controlled. Of course, you’re still going to need a compatible Amazon Echo or Google Nest unit, like the smart speaker Echo Dot. Fortunately, if you’re looking to buy one, many of them are on sale right now.

There is no hub or subscription required to use these Teckin smart plugs to the fullest extent of their capabilities, unlike many other smart home products. Using your iOS or Android device’s Smart Life app, you can power on and off the plugs anywhere in the world, set them on a timetable, group them together to be controlled as a set, and more.

These smart plugs have a number of additional functionalities that most people don’t find; a built-in USB port allows you to connect a charging cable to power your phone or any other USB powered gadget. This also means you can use the AC outlet and USB port to power up to two devices simultaneously. You can even control the AC outlet and USB port separately within the free Smart Life app, according to customer reviews. This is another surprise since many of the clever plugs you find with an embedded USB port do not usually offer smart functionality.

These four-pack ships are free of charge, although you could get your order even faster with an Amazon Prime membership.

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