Grab eufy Home Security Camera System At Their Best Price From Amazon

Just keep an eye on your house, you do not need a costly security system. The eufyCam 2C Wireless Home Security System is inexpensive and user-friendly, allowing you to use your phone to access your video feeds anywhere in the world. Today, if you click on the coupon at Amazon’s product page, you can pick up the two-camera starter kit for only $189.99. That saves you $60 off its maximum $250 tag, making this package cheaper than we’ve ever seen it hit otherwise.

This kit includes two wireless cameras and the HomeBase 2, the base station to link it all together. The cameras offer live streaming and 1080p HD video recording We also use a 135-degree field of view that lets them get a good look at everything in the area. You can clearly see what is happening in or around your house. You have also a clear vision at night.

Such cameras are equipped for up to 180 days with one charge with a strong battery. Not only are you unable to solve the difficulty of maintaining wired protection, but you also don’t need to think about charging the wireless battery at once for six months.

Use your phone to receive smart cameras alerts when detecting intruders. The cameras use human recognition technology to help differentiate body shapes and facial expressions. You’re not going to receive unpleasant messages that waste your time. Instead, you’ll know when your camera spotted a human or stray cat.

Cameras’ IP67 rating means they resist dust, dirt, and water. Number 6 means there’s no place for dust to get in on the camera. It’s totally protected. Not only are the cameras protected from weather like rain, but you could actually plunge them into the water up to a meter in-depth and they’d be fine. For cameras, you’ll certainly want to use outdoors, very impressive.

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