Grab Audio-Technica Over-Ear Headphones For Apple Devices, Currently On Sale Starting Just $35

Amazon’s one-day PC game accessories sale should not be skipped, even if you’re not a gamer The sale provides a range of best-selling products, including a line of Audio-Technica over-ear headphones, which are more than just gaming. These headphones offer a clear, comprehensive sound that is appropriate for both business and casual use. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to get a pair of those trustworthy headphones on before the end of the year, with prices as low as $34.50 for just one day.

Today’s sales sell four models, including both wired and wireless versions, so that you can find a pair within your budget. The best option is ATH-M20X headphones from Audio-Technica that are only $34.50. That’s almost their best price ever and $15 off its normal cost. The next step up and selling for just $69 are the ATH-M40x headphones. They have a much better design and even better customer feedback. The deal today saves you 30 percent of the full price.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT headphones are the only choice in today’s sale if you are looking for wireless headphones for $129. That’s $70 savings from their usual price and a match for Amazon’s lowest price ever. In addition, a wired model from the headphones for $102.99 is also available if you want the best sound and don’t worry about Bluetooth.

All of these headphones ship to Amazon for free, although with an Amazon Prime membership you can receive your order much quicker. A 30-day trial can be offered free of charge for two days, thanks to Prime Video Streaming, exclusive member deals, and more.

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