Govee’s Remote Controlled Color Changing Bulbs Are Down To $10 For 4 Pack

Take four govee colors that change LED light bulbs for $9.99 with Amazon’s code 53TAH5QP. This code takes $5 away, and for most of the past year, these bulbs were routinely sold for approximately $15.

The Govee light bulbs have 16 different colors for you to choose from. You can use the remote to set these colors and the bulbs are stored on-board. No matter what effect, dimness or color you choose, the light can be saved. When you next want the same setup, just press a button and you’ll turn it on.

The lights are also adjustable. You can use the ultra-high luminosity of 2700K or use cool white 6500K lights. Find the perfect environment for anything that you do. Four lighting modes called shade, fade, jump, and flash is also available. Place the lights on Fade, if you want to wind down after a long day or walk with Flash when your party needs to revive.

Two 17-key remote controls are included in the set. You can use them to activate or disable light, choose a predetermined time delay, dim the lights, or change color. Controllers work up to 26.24 feet away, but you never have to think about using a light switch with remote controls.

There are 4.3 out of 5 bulbs based on 156 ratings.

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