Gooseneck Tablet Holder On Sale For $9 Again

Sometimes you may never want to put everything you can do on a tablet. Fortunately, EasyAcc’s Gooseneck Tablet Stand can do the job. Today it’s sold for just $8.99 at Amazon and takes half off its regular price. It has been sold for up to $20 recently and we never saw it fall down until now.

This stand is given in black or white and is made of magnalium alloy for a sturdy and powerful but versatile arm that can twist into different viewing positions. It can fit almost any modern smartphone from smaller devices like an iPhone SE to super large devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It’s ideal for those devices that are 4 to 10.5 inches large. In fact, when playing with its Joy-Cons, this mount can even be used to hold your Nintendo Switch console or to hold your iPad, Kindle or other hands-free devices.

With its easy-to-install clamp bases, you can use these mounts almost anywhere. Clip it onto your desk, bedside table or kitchen counter; essentially any surface up to about 3 inches thick. Anti-slip silicone grips maintain this when changing the viewing angle and also hold marks on your furniture. An 18-month warranty always covers your order.

Make sure you pick up one or two of them while they’re still on sale.

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