Give Your iPhone A Nice Place To Rest With Anker PowerWave Stand For $13

_Anker Wireless Charger, PowerWave Stand-min

With a wireless charger around you, nobody could get enough convenience. If the day is over, or your smartphone is used, just place the unit on the stand and charging it like magic starts. And one such stand is currently available for $12.99 at a low price and is pretty good from Anker.

Known as the PowerWave stand, the devices that support it can drive off 10W of power. Thus, it comprises almost every Samsung Galaxy smartphone that supports wireless charging. All else, including iPhones, will be charged on a cool 5W.

Thanks to their multi-coil style, either in landscape or portrait mode, you can charge your smartphone. The portrait mode is particularly useful when looking at your notifications or when you want to juice your smartphone at this important Zoom Meeting.

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