Give Your iPhone A Better Place In Car With $7 Mpow Car Phone Mount

It’s one of my biggest pet peeves to text while driving. As if it wasn’t inherently dangerous enough to care about in a metal tube, some people decide to add distracted driving to the mix and it drives me totally bonkers. Aside from being reckless, it is also often illegal to drive with a phone in your hand. Now you have multiple reasons to invest in this Mpow Car Phone Mount, which drops from $10.59 to just $6.99 today at Amazon when you enter MPOW0333 promo code during checkout. Shipping with Amazon Prime is free of charge. Today’s deal for this particular mount is the best we’ve posted.

This features a long arm with a robust suction cup base, which means you can make it work in cars with even the wonkiest layouts. Add the flexible arm to you and you can see your GPS or music player clearly. Another nice bonus is that your phone is a bit removed from the vent by the arm. If you’re driving in the winter, it’s one of the fastest ways to damage your phone with heat from your car vents, so having some space between the two should help avoid any problems.

The installation and removal of the mount are easy. Pop it or dash it on your windshield and pop in your phone. Upon completion of your trip, the quick-release button means that you can quickly remove your phone and stretch your legs much faster at the rest. The mount is compatible with smartphones up to 6.8 inches, so it should cover most users. A two-year warranty includes your purchase.

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