Getting An Nintendo Switch Today Also Gets You A $30 Promotional Credit With A Special Coupon Code

Many of the early bundles of Nintendo Switch Black Friday we saw offered games with the console’s older version, but Amazon stepped it up here. Right now, the refreshed Nintendo Switch can be picked up with a $30 promo credit for a total of just $299, which is the console price. That means you’re going to have $30 to spend on something else you want, which is probably more valuable than a game you might not have been interested in.

Within 7 days of your Switch being sent to you, the credit will be delivered to you and should appear via email.

This is the refreshed switch, as mentioned, which means it includes the battery improvements that make it last up to 9 hours per charge. You can take your choice, based on your preference, between the Gray Joy-Con bundle and the Neon one. Both of them come with the same offer.

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