Get Fit While You Sit With Apple HealthKit Compatible Cubii Pro Bluetooth Under Desk Elliptical, $249 Today

Continue to move even while you are sitting at work or at home with the Bluetooth elliptical Cubic Pro machine. This is only $249 in Amazon, which means you can already get your New Year’s resolutions started. The elliptical usually comes for about $350, and today’s price is the cheapest we’ve seen it go both for the colors Noir and Chrome. The Cubii Pro doesn’t go on sale too often, and being part of the day sales with Amazon ensures that the discounted price will expire at the end of the day.

You know and I know that it should be a major part of your routine to work out. But it’s tough! It’s difficult to find the time, often uncomfortable and difficult to do. The big thing about the Cubii Pro is that it offers a low impact training. It’s all about keeping your feet moving and tracking your goals. Do as little or as much as you like. You can use it in your home or office without stressing your joints. Place it under your desk or keep it on the couch so you can work out while watching television.

Since Cubii Pro is Bluetooth it can synchronize with other Bluetooth devices your steps, distances and calories burnt. Use a Fitbit activity tracker or applications like Apple Health Kit and others on your iPhone or Android phone. Use this technology to set your targets and track them over time.

The elliptical is built for seating use, so it is low, lightweight and will not hamper it. It’s also super silent, so you won’t be turning the volume up while watching TV or upsetting your coworkers at the office.

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