Get A Spare iPhone Charger For Less Than $8

iPhone Charger anker-min

This is a solid deal on our pick for the best USB-A – to – Lightning cable if you’re someone that doesn’t use USB-C devices or doesn’t need the fastest possible charge but still wants an otherwise great cable. The Anker PowerLine II USB-A is MFI certified, solidly built and comfortable to grip — moreover, it has a lifetime guarantee. From a street price of around $10, the white color is $8.

Product Highlights:

Strength In Numbers: Extreme reinforcement ensures internal wiring is protected to keep phones charging—able to support over 175 lb (80kg).

Ultimate Durability: Lasts 12x longer than other Lightning cables and proven to withstand over 12,000 bends in strict laboratory tests.

Charge Fast: MFi certification and strict quality testing ensure your Apple devices are charged safely, at their fastest possible speed.

A Cable for Life: We’re so confident about Powerline II’s long-lasting performance that we gave it a hassle-free, lifetime warranty.

What You Get: Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable, (3 ft including both ends), a hassle-free lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service.

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