This 3 in 1 Wireless Fast Charging Dock Station Completely Ditches Your Cable Charger At $38 (36% OFF)

GEEKERA 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Fast Charging Dock

The GEEKERA 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Fast Charging Dock Station is on sale today at Amazon for $38.23. Normally selling for $59.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly $21.76.

Our manufacturing company has updated our products and resolved these issues according to our recent customer comments on “high lights for the nightstand, loud charging and unable to charge well.” You can smoothly use it now. Also, the official QI wireless charging agreement from WPC has been passed, which includes a Qi Registry ID of 10497, which was made with 30 Otc plus 24 months warranty.

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If the power supply is connected, the GREEN LED indicator will blink for 3s, and then activate for 16s if your phones are well recognized. Light in charge mode will turn on, but very dim and SLEEP-FRIENDLY will keep the whole loading process. In addition, silicone covering makes this electrostatically secure wireless charging platform and makes you feel touching your skin.

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The iPhone/iWatch/AirPods wireless charger will not scratch to block the display or the edges while charging the device. The charging stand hides the AirPods Pro and iWatch cables and saves space on the desk.

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GEEKERA three-time fast charging mat uses the LED indicators, the design of multi-device charge, and unmounted charge parts (light green LED light for comfortable sleep). Thread non-slip for better loading. Multi-protecting technology, too, such as temperature control, over-current protection, and surge protection.

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