Replace Your Existing Apple Band With This New Braided Solo Loop For $15 ($5 OFF)

GBPOOT Sport Apple Watch Bands

The GBPOOT Braided Solo Loop Apple Watch Band is on sale today at Amazon for $14.99. Previously sold for $19.99, without applying any special discount code at the checkout you save directly $5.

The polyester yarn filaments in each band are interwoven with thin silicone threads using advanced braiding machinery and are made from recycled materials. Skin-friendly, long-lasting, breathable, and lightweight design.

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It’s a stretch bracelet wrist band with no buckles that fit snugly but not constructively. Sweat- and water-resistant, you’ll feel at ease wearing it. Using a laser cutter to cut to a precise length. Each Braided Solo Loop has a one-of-a-kind, stretchable design that is ultra-comfortable and perfectly fits your wrist.

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You can personalize your iWatch and highlight your unique taste to fit your mood and outfit in daily life by choosing from a variety of colors and sizes. The braided solo loop band has watch lugs on both ends and precisely and securely locks onto your iWatch. Direct installation and removal with a single button.

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