Score This Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection For Your iPad At $19.99

On Amazon, the FOJOJO Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection is offered for $19.99. Without entering a special promo code during the checkout process, you instantly save 20% off the original cost.

An improved stylus pen for the iPad improves user experience by letting you use your hand on the screen without a cumbersome glove. There are only a few types that support magnetic attachment. When not wearing gloves, you can sketch by placing your hand on the screen and using a stylus pen that feels more realistic.

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With the most recent iPad/iPad Pro pencil, you no longer need to zoom in to create little letters because it has updated 1.2mm pencil tips that are more sensitive and accurate. There are no lags or skips in the lettering. With just one full charge, the built-in rechargeable battery in this iPad stylus enables all-day use.

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You receive 20 hours of continuous operation and 90 days of standby time, or roughly 90 minutes, for each charge. Bluetooth and apps are not necessary. The cap button on this active pen for the iPad may be tapped to turn it on; after five minutes of inactivity, it enters “Sleep Mode” to conserve battery life.

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