Five Must Have Smartphone Accessories That Every Apple News Reader Should Check Out

under 20 dollar smartphone accessories

Now doctors say that, at least for another year, we all need to wear face masks, and our readers will certainly take the recommendation sincerely. All of us know, after all, that the new coronavirus is not soon going very far. People load on the best-selling face masks of Amazon’s coronavirus at only $0.50 and popular face masks from MagiCare KN95 that provide much better protection are a hot ticket item too. Furthermore, Purell Hand Sanitizer is currently available for the first time in months on Amazon, so people load up even when prices are inflatable.

All these needs are great for hygiene, but it is also nice to place the pandemic sometimes and to find other things. For example, what about some clever accessories for smartphones, so much easier to live?

We created five great smartphone accessories through Amazon that everyone should have — and each cost less than $20! Examples include a fast wireless charger, which is just $8.99, and a tiny dual-port car charger, which you can close the power cover on the charge port of your car without even removing it. There’s also a $9.49 smartphone stand that’s perfect for hands-free Zoom video calls, and AmazonBasics 51W dual-port charger that’s able to charge your laptop and smartphone simultaneously for under $18 and a pair of Amazon 5-star Bluetooth earbuds costing only $18.99.

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