Fire HD 10 Tablet is Great For Watching Movies, Taking Notes & Performing Light Tasks, $99 Only

Fire HD 10 Tablet-min

How would you like to take a highly reputable 10-inch tablet for less than $100? Sounds like a wonderful deal, right? Well, that is what you can get with the latest Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet offer, thanks to a 33% reduction in prices.

This deal is for the upgraded Fire HD 10 tablet from Amazon, now offering improved performance over previous models. Indeed, if you put both old and new side by side, the company expects to see a 30 percent improvement in speed with this latest model. Much internal engineering has been done behind the scenes to improve performance, but it is also thanks to the new 2GHz octa-core processor which powers the device and the accompanying RAM of 2 GB.

A 10.1-inch 1080p full HD display, 32 GB of onboard storage, the speed increase of 30 percent, and improved battery life, which allows you to browse and use the device for up to 12 hours without the need to connect it to a power source are all part of the tablet. The tablet provides hands-free access to Alexa, front and rear-facing 2-megapixel cameras with 720p HD video recording, and dual-band Wi-Fi to deliver the best browsing experience.

For those who seek a high-performing but highly affordable tablet for themselves or a child, this will probably be the best money that can buy at such a price point. For those investments in this ecosystem and access to an ever-increasing application hub, this built-in Alexa functionality is extremely useful and enables you to increase this device’s functionality with new and exciting facilities.

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