Fast Charge iPhone & iPad With $20 AUKEY USB C PD Charger

Aukey Direct via Amazon offers its dual USB-C 36W Power Delivery Charger at $19.79 when using XDWWIY63. This is down from the $36 rate, which provides a 45 percent discount and one of the best deals we have ever tracked.

Apple ships the iPhone 11 Pro with a USB-C charger (eventually), but only one charging port remains available. This option allows you to charge two USB-C ports simultaneously with 36W of power on your new iPhone and iPad. 4.4/5 stars rated.

Use the same code to get a $10.99 USB-C power delivery charger from the Amazon storefront of Aukey. This is down from its $20 rate and is one of the best prices that we have ever tracked. This is great for more compact setups and can charge the latest Apple iPhone and iPad, albeit just one at a time. 4.5/5 stars rated.

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